Wiper Blade Inspection and Replacement

Drizzle and rain can be dangerous if your ability to see clearly is affected. Now's the time to come to SVS for a wiper blade check.  

By the way, there's a known issue with some '93 or later 850's, 960's and 70 series. Over time the support arm that holds the blade twists at the base, causing the blade to lift off the glass slightly as it sweeps across the windshield. This creates hazing or a "lace curtain", making it difficult to see, especially at night. If this sounds like something you're experiencing, come on in and let us have a look - we promise not to twist your arm!

Here's what the safety experts say about bad wiper blades:

According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, (FMVSS), worn out wiper blades can exhibit the following problems:

  • Ballooning - Non-wiped areas within the wiper pattern.
  • Chatter - Irregular movement of wiper blade usually accompanied lines and/or noise.
  • Hazing - An film spread by the blade resulting in streaks.
  • Lace Curtain - A maze of fine water droplets which are formed after the blade passes over the surface.
  • Scalloping - Uneven wipe at the outer periphery of pattern.
  • Streaking - Fine lines of Non-wiped moisture within the wipe pattern.

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