About SVS - Sacramento's Volvo Service

Sacramento's top-rated

Since 1980, SVS has been Sacramento's top-rated independent Volvo repair and maintenance facility. Our mechanics are experts in all Volvo makes and models, with an excellent reputation for workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Who Owns SVS?

Technically speaking, Robert Marcello owns SVS Automotive. In practice, we all own the relationship with you. SVS technicians are all hand-picked, non-commissioned experts. Our administrative staff is focused on keeping you happy and informed all along the way.

SVS is Pet Friendly!

A Rich Volvo History in Sacramento

The staff and management at SVS have been a part of Sacramento's Volvo Service - and the Volvo dealership community - since 1980. starting SVS, founder Robert Marcello was a mechanic and team foreman for a couple of Sacramento Volvo dealerships. This includes Turner Volvo (now Niello Volvo) and Winter Volvo. In 1979 Robert met Ken "Kenny" Cochrane, who’d also worked for a Sacramento Volvo dealership. A couple years later Robert offered Kenny the job of General Manager at SVS, a position he held for 36 years. have been a few other SVS staffers who’ve worked for a Sacramento Volvo dealer, including Turner Volvo and Winter Volvo.

True Independence

As an independent operation, we get to make all of our own decisions about how best to serve you. We have one goal - to keep your Volvo running smoothly so you can keep it as long as you want. We don’t need to sell you another car. And when it comes to pricing, we work tirelessly to let you know what things cost up front, not after the car’s in the shop.

Expertise in Classic Volvos

SVS has not one, but two full-time experts in the repair and maintenance of classic Volvos. We have many customers with classic Volvos who visit us from the San Francisco Bay area.

From the beginning we've been servicing these lines: 122, 142, 144, 145, 1800, 444, 544, 240, 242, 244, 245, 262, 264, 265. 

Learn more about our service for Volvo Classics.

The SVS Waiting Lounge, complete with a multiple device charging station. Laptops, smartphones, etc.

Left to Right: General Manager and President/Founder Robert Marcello, Technician Ron Flynn, and Production Manager Chuck Lawless.

Left to Right: General Manager and President/Founder Robert Marcello, Technician Ron Flynn, and Production Manager Chuck Lawless.

I have been a highly satisfied customer of SVS for over 25 years. They run their business with honesty and integrity. I feel very taken care of and am grateful for their service.
— Barbee S., Sacramento

You invested in your Volvo. We're investing in its future.

Like your Volvo, we're here for the long run. Whether you have a newer Volvo, just out of warranty, or that trusted, reliable classic you've had for years, SVS is dedicated to investing in technology, the latest equipment and techniques. Of course, it's more than equipment - it's the ability to assess, analyze, interpret and repair.