A Volvo 262 C, once belonging to David Bowie, Has Been Sold

David Bowie Volvo.jpg

David bowie's volvo 262C sold for $195,000

A Volvo 262 C, once belonging to musician David Bowie, has been sold on a classic car auction for no less than $195,000. One of the highest prices ever for a historic Volvo – obviously a result of the car´s unique provenance and star quality.

David Bowie was no ordinary musician, and of course he didn't choose ordinary cars. The Volvo 262 C was a luxury coupe made between 1977 and 1981. Only 6,662 were built. It was designed in Sweden but built by Bertone in Turin, Italy.

The car went under the hammer at an auction in Gstaad, Switzerland, and the $195,000 was almost three times the estimated price.

David Bowie had a home in Switzerland for about 20 years and the Volvo 262 C was delivered to him on June 18th 1981. Bowie chose a 262 C with black exterior, cream leather interior and an original Volvo hi-fi system. He used the car sparingly, it has only 53,000 km on the clock and has been kept fully original.