SVS Volvo Parts Department

Order Volvo Parts With Confidence 

Few people in the Sacramento Valley have more experience with Volvo parts than John Dettman, SVS Parts Manager. He knows every make and model, how to identify and find the right part, and will make sure delivery is prompt and accurate. You can have your parts delivered to SVS, or directly to your location.

Tool Rental

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to purchase an expensive tool. If you're in need of automotive service tools, and want to rent from a proven leader in the industry, give John a call. He'll find the tool you need, set up the rental, and help you get the job done.

Work With An Expert

Contact John at (916) 971-1382 and he'll spring into action. Whether you're a mechanic working on a Volvo, or a do-it-yourselfer, John will make your job easier. And oh by the way, he's a heck of a nice guy.

If you prefer, you can contact John through our appointment form.